Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For sale

If anyone is interested in starting some Coffea arabica plants from seed, I have a lot more seeds than I'll be able to use. (I actually threw out the first group I harvested because I couldn't figure out how to germinate such a huge number in the limited space I had. That problem has since been solved, thanks to Costco and their semi-delicious pretzels.) The batch on offer is currently drying and will be ready to plant on 6 March. I'm thinking $5 (which includes shipping) for at least 10 seeds. The actual number of seeds mailed out will depend on how much interest there is.

I don't know whether going through the USPS will affect germination or not; my guess is that it probably won't (seeds are often more flexible about temperature than the corresponding plants are), and I'm fairly certain about that, but I won't promise anything. I got 100% germination from the seeds in last year's crop that had been dried for 8 weeks (these will have been also), so I would expect very high germination from these as well. All you'd have to do once the seeds arrive is soak them for 24 hours and then plant them in damp soil or vermiculite, then keep moist and warm. Germination will almost certainly happen by early June if it's going to.

Contact me by e-mail (the address is in the sidebar at right; note the instructions) if you're interested in getting some seeds.

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