Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty picture: Cattleya Betty Ford

Some business to get out of the way first: it occurred to me that I could make a PayPal button for the Coffea seed offer. So here that is. I hope it works. (Blogger won't let me test the button in Preview mode.)

[button removed because seeds no longer available]

So far, only two people have e-mailed about the seeds, and that batch has 205, so in theory eighteen more U.S. readers can order seeds before I run out. I'm planning to mail them out on or around 28 February, though if the weather looks like it's going to be exceptionally bad or cold that week I might wait until the following week. (I'll e-mail you first if that's the case.) You should be able to start soaking them as soon as they arrive, and sow them the day after that.

Sorry for not thinking of this sooner, but PayPal won't let me sell things through the donate button (top of the sidebar), so I had kind of overlooked the fact that I could still use PayPal to sell things by making a new button, and didn't realize that was an option until late last night.

Now for the orchid. It was tagged "Rnc. Betty Ford," but as best as I can determine that's now Cattleya Betty Ford.

Cattleya Betty Ford = Cattleya Barbara's Delight x Cattleya Nigrescent

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