Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pretty picture: Aerangis citrata

Not a great picture, but at least a slight improvement on the last time I tried to take a picture of A. citrata, so that's something.

Previously: 2013.

In other news: another week, another Anthurium-oiling. And yes, the soybean oil has started to go a little bad. (Not the stuff in the jug: the stuff that I've sprayed already.) It's not, like suffocating and horrible, but yes, there is a smell. So I'm giving the thrips and scale a break this week, and not oiling the plants. That has the side benefit of giving me a break too, since it takes so much longer to water and oil than it does to just water.

Also potted up another 37 Anthurium seedlings, on Sunday, and started another batch of seeds (from #273 "Wes Coast," #005 "Chad Michaels," and #239 "Russ Teanale") on Monday, so, more grandseedlings on the way.


Gardens at Waters East said...

Finally got back to visiting you agin. Been really busy as all gardeners are this time of year. But soon less work ! Jack

Pat the Plant said...

A drop of rosemary oil for every 5 litres may be antioxidant enough to stop the oil turning. Less than the thrip-killing dose but that higher concentration pushes close to damaging the plants.

Joe said...

I,ve seen A.citrata in one of the nurseries in Singapore. Would like to get one on my next trip.

Have a nice weekend,