Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pretty picture: Dendrobium lindleyi

This is Dendrobium aggregatum according to the tag at the show, but D. lindleyi was correct as of last March, according to Plant List.

Previously (D. lindleyi var. majus): 2013


Ginny Burton said...

Isn't it unusual for all the flowers to be open at once? How do they get it to do that? Or is that typical behavior in this particular kind of orchid?

mr_subjunctive said...

Ginny Burton:

No idea.


Melody said...

Ginny, it's typical for many Dendobium species to put out a lot os buds on much of the mature pseudobulbs all at the same time. Dends like lindleyi put all their energy into blooming in that period of their yearly growth cycles. They grow the buds at a similar rate and they therefore all open on or around the same day. Dendobium jenkinsii is a similar species, does the same thing. If you like a big show of yellow, give species like this a dry (as in no water at all), cool, winter rest and this is the reward in spring. Very easy to bloom species if you really respect their natural dry season they would get in nature.