Friday, January 9, 2015

Pretty pictures: Cattleytonia Sister Toby x Cattleya Memoria Robert Strait

Kinda ennh about this one. Points for being . . . vivid, I guess.


Liza said...

Very vivid, very pretty. I just wish I was more on the Orchid bandwagon.

I've been wondering how your "regular" houseplants have been doing. Are they hanging in there????

Diana at Garden on the Edge said...

It's a dull, grey January day. I like vivid at this time of the year!

mr_subjunctive said...


Some yes, some no. Still having problems with fungus on the Euphorbias, so I threw a couple more of those out recently. Also found scale in the plant room -- I'm hoping that beheading the Yuccas the scale were definitely on, and throwing out the Hoya the scale were maybe on, will get that under control.

The plants elsewhere in the house seem to be doing fine. They're less varied than they used to be, and it's been a while since any of them have done anything very interesting, but they're fine. Maybe a little jealous of the Anthuriums and Schlumbergeras.