Saturday, February 28, 2015

Anthurium no. 0283 "Anne Pursand"

Alas, Anne is no more. The problem in this case was that she lived on the outside edge of a flat and, when her flat was being moved, or when an adjacent flat was being moved, she tended to be tangled up in another flat's leaves and consequently got uprooted. Regularly. Like, once a week. It is occasionally the case that I can re-root an uprooted Anthurium, but it's uncommon, and obviously it's basically impossible if the uprooting is an ongoing thing.

At her best, Anne was okay,

but she was not at her best a hell of a lot of the time.

I'd be more broken up about this if Anne were anything but a pink spathe / pink spadix, but I have plenty of those, so no big loss. I have to remind myself of it pretty often, but I'm really not going to get strong, bug-resistant, beautiful plants unless I throw out some weak, buggy, gross ones from time to time.

Anne is survived by no children, sixteen siblings and half-siblings,1 and a whole truckload of nieces and nephews.


1 (#0271 "Wanda Reulthemal," #0273 "Wes Coast," #0274 "Wilma Wishcomtroux," #0275 "Yvette Horizon," #0276 "Zach Religious," #0277 "Zach Treplica," #0278 "Hailey Escorpus," #0279 "Tristan Shout," #0280 "Jujubee," #0281 "Laganja Estranja," #0282 "Dave Trading," #0284 "Divine," #0288 "Cookie Buffet," #0578 "Bubba Lee," #0594 "Charity Case," and #0595 "Josie P. Katt")

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't blame you for weeding out the weak ones. Charles Darwin would be pleased with you.