Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty pictures: Cymbidium Yowie Flame

There never seem to be very many Cymbidiums at the orchid show.

According to the blog's Cymbidium tag, I got zero photos of Cymbidiums at the 2010 orchid show, one in 2011, one in 2012, one in 2013, and now the one in 2014.

What would explain this? Are they just uncool? (If so, why?) Is it hard to get them to bloom in March? 'Cause you can't tell me they're not pretty. And I know they're not significantly more expensive than some of the other kinds of orchids, or harder to find -- I've occasionally seen them for sale in stores around here. So why aren't they better represented at the show?

Cymbidium Yowie Flame = Cymbidium Tapestry x Cymbidium Sensation (Ref.)


Anna from Toronto said...

They are gorgeous! And I'm not even all that fond of pink!

Paul said...

I almost never see them for sale at "regular" stores in my area -- but whether any of generic plant nurseries around me might carry them, I don't know.

I do think part of the issue may very well be just how large most cyms are as well as the need for a significant chilling period to initiate spikes that so many require. I don't bother with cyms despite their gorgeous flowers (which tend to last for a month or more) for those very reasons. Being an apt dweller, I lack the space for such robust plants nor can I provide a winter area wherein temps will be in the 40's. There are smaller hybrids which do not require such an major cool down starting to enter the market, so perhaps they will slowly begin making some headway at the orchid shows.

Jeff Sers said...

The orchid shows here in San Diego have a lot of Cymbidiums not only on display but for sale. Also the "regular" stores always have them this time a year between Valentine's and Easter.

Must just be a regional thing.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty much mandatory to grow Cymbidiums outdoors to allow them to get the necessary chill to flower. Some lucky people like Jeff can just grow them outdoors all year and they seem more popular in those kinds of area.