Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum (sukhakulii x Big Boba)

The International Orchid Register was unable to find a "Big Boba" in any genus. Google and DuckDuckGo1 hadn't heard of it either. This could mean that it's just a very new hybrid, but that's unlikely since it's old enough to be used in crosses which are old enough to appear, in bloom, in an orchid show. So either the IOR is a lot less comprehensive than I had been led to believe, the name "Big Boba" has been invented by a retailer, or it's what's left over after the original name was mangled by a show exhibitor. From past experiences with the show tags, I'd put my money on the last option, but I checked "Big Bubba," "Big Bob," "Big Buba," and "Big Bobba," and didn't get any hits on those either, so it'll remain a mystery, I guess.

At least Paphiopedilum sukhakulii definitely exists; it's quite popular with breeders. (see previous posts: 2012 orchid show, 2012 again, and my first (and last) attempt to grow my own Paphiopedilum.

Also, as long as you're here: there are still Schlumbergera cuttings to be purchased, if you're interested in doing so. Prices are $7 for one plant, $11 for two, and $15 for three; this includes shipping. I'm planning to mail them out at some point in mid to late May, depending on the weather. There are currently at least one available pot of cuttings for:

008B "Candor"
010A "Semantic Satiation"
019A "Belevenissen"
024B "Bryce Canyon"
025A "Clownfish"
026A "Brick Wall"
028A "Phil Collen"
028B "Neon Like"
030A "Diwali"
031A "Baby Carrots"
057A "Pyrotechnic"
078A "Art Party"

Photos and additional information at the original blog post.

I also started a new batch of cuttings this week, which should be ready to mail in July:

023A "Stoked"
054A "Helpful Gesture"
055B "Fort Venus"
073A "Laurie Anderson"
082A "Strawberry Madeleine"
088A "Cyborg Unicorn"
099A "Dessert Room"
111A "Morning Sun"

So e-mail if you have any interest in that,2 and if not . . . you probably stopped reading a while ago.


1 (= Bing)
2, without the "3"

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