Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Anthurium no. 0267 "Natalie Attired"

Natalie isn't amazing or anything, just another pink / pink, but at least she's sort of a pretty pink / pink.

Nine days later, the same bloom looked like this:

so I'm guessing that Natalie will be another pink that fades to white, as discussed in the post about Anthurium no. 0215 "Nathan Ofithlam."

The foliage is unremarkable,

and the plant as a whole is mildly unpleasant due to a long internodal distance,

but the real test for Natalie is going to be whether or not she can shake the light scale infestation she picked up a few months ago. I've been looking at the leaves pretty closely when I water, and rubbing off any visible scale with my fingers. Sometimes I rub the leaves in hopes of catching some non-visible scale, which so far has worked better than you'd expect it to, though it's slow, obviously. But I haven't wanted to spray with white oil for fear of causing the bloom to abort before opening, and imidacloprid granules are a non-starter because I think it would all just wash through the soil before the plant picked it up. I don't have a lot of faith that imidacloprid is helpful in my circumstances anyway.

So time will tell. If the scale goes away and stays away for a while, I'll probably up-pot Natalie and try to sell her at the consignment store; if not, I'll throw her out. Space in the basement is way too precious to waste on a scaley pink / pink, even a fairly nice scaley pink / pink.

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Ginny Burton said...

Aww, don't throw her out. I'll take her if you decide not to keep her.