Friday, June 5, 2015

Pretty picture: Tolumnia Genting Orange

This one may be fairly new. Not sure. The orchid registry site where I look up ancestry information has three Tolumnia "Genting" greges:1 Genting Angel, Genting Fairy, and Genting Rainbow. There are also several Dendrobiums named Genting something or another. But there's nothing listed for Genting Orange. Which is possibly all for the best, considering that Genting Orange is in no way orange.


1 "Greges" = the plural of grex, the term to describe all offspring of a particular cross. In a pinch, "greges" might also be useful if you know a lot of people named Greg and want to refer to them collectively. (Wait a minute. Wouldn't that be "Gregs," you may be asking. Ordinarily, sure. But if you feel like using "greges" anyway, what's to stop you? It's not like this is a situation that comes up a lot. If someone challenges you, just tell them, in a mildly condescending tone, "It's Latin." Referring to Latin is a good way to shut down all kinds of conversations, not just pluralization-of-Greg ones. Though every once in a while you run into someone who actually knows something about Latin, so be careful.)


Pattock said...

Does the strange naming make it egregious?

Liza said...

Sounds like a gregarious conversation!