Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anthurium no. 0281 "Laganja Estranja"

Laganja tried to bloom a long time ago, but aborted (likely the result of the "white oil" spraying, an attempt to bring the thrips to heel that turned out to be futile), and then took a long time getting around to trying again. She was arguably not worth the wait:

I mean, nothing especially wrong with that, but I have so many LPAs1 already, and no idea what to do with them all. Some LPAs have better foliage than Laganja, and most are more compact and less tangle-prone, so she's not bringing a whole lot to the table.

She does have one thing in her favor, which is that like her siblings in sibling group AT,2 she seems to bloom quickly and prolifically. I don't think that will be enough to save her, but it might delay the decision briefly.


1 (= Little Pink Anthuriums)
2 Group AT: 'White Gemini' seed parent; 19 May 2012 sow date. AT group seedlings you may remember, or will meet soon:
0271 "Wanda Reulthemal" (pink / pink)
0273 "Wes Coast" (pink / pink, deceased)
0275 "Yvette Horizon" (pink / pink)
0276 "Zach Religious" (pink / pink-orange)
0277 "Zach Treplica" (pink, in progress)
0279 "Tristan Shout" (pink / pink)
0280 "Jujubee" (pk-red / yel)
0282 "Dave Trading" (red / yel)
0283 "Anne Pursand" (pink / pink, deceased)
0288 "Cookie Buffet" (pink / pink)