Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pretty picture: Aerides krabiensis

. . . And we're through the conventions without any shootings. In fact, it now feels sort of ridiculous to have feared violence in the first place -- though I'm pretty sure it wasn't. So give me a moment to start breathing again.

Aerides krabiensis is a lithophyte1 according to Wikipedia, but the photos I ran across didn't show it being cultivated that way, so it must be more flexible than that makes it sound.

Most of the on-line photos also show green (sometimes bright green) leaves, too: not sure if this specimen was miserable or just caught at a particularly bad moment.

The flowers are supposedly fragrant, but as usual, I'm unable to confirm this.

The common name for the genus is "cat's-tail orchid" or "fox brush orchid," which I imagine makes more sense if you're looking at an older specimen with a longer stem.

In other news, four out of five pots of Amorphophallus have now leafed out; the one straggler has a leaf emerging but it's doing it so slowly. I won't make any promises about when, exactly, but I do expect to start making some non-orchid posts soonish, so you'll probably be seeing the Amorphophalluses eventually, as well as several other things.


1 (grows on the surface of rocks)

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