Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum (Mildred Hunter x Adam Hausermann) x Winston Churchill

Well. Chalk up another cross for good ol' Winston Churchill, I guess. This one's nice, if not particularly different. Which is just as well, since it's Christmas and no one is going to see this post anyway.

Ancestry stuff:

Paphiopedilum Mildred Hunter = Paphiopedilum Atlantis x Paphiopedilum Everest (Ref.)

Paphiopedilum Adam Hausermann= Paphiopedilum Telesis x Paphiopedilum Gigi (Ref.)

Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill = Paphiopedilum Eridge x Paphiopedilum Hampden (Ref.)

We've seen Paph. Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' previously, in 2012, and various half-siblings have shown up in 2013 (Paph. Cheryl Ann Boyd) and 2015 (Paph. (Adam Hausermann x Winston Churchill) and Paph. Keyshill). The half-siblings are all pretty similar: some variation of shape, a little variation in color, but otherwise basically the same.


Diana said...

Just because you said no one would watch this. Merry Christmas!

Paul said...

Oh ye of little faith! :-D

Have a blessed Christmas! :)

Ivynettle said...

I'm also here to see it, even on Christmas - because now I'm all worn out from too many people, and can't do anything but be on the internet.

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas, and a certain thing arrives soon! :)

Virginia Burton said...

Hello from Deep East Texas! A day late in getting an internet connection, but I would never miss one of your posts!

Pattock said...

You mentioned Christmas, I had avoided all mention of it until today.