Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Movie: Googly-Eyed Cactus -- Another Explanation

I never see "Saturday Night Live" anymore, because it's on late, and I generally have to be up at 5:30 AM in order to make it in to work on-time (there's this whole thing where I post to the blog and drink five cups of coffee or so), and I get very emotionally weird when my sleep schedule gets messed up.1 And it's not usually funny enough to warrant taping a whole episode.2 Anyway.

So imagine my surprise when Andrew from Zooillogix e-mailed me with a clip from last Saturday's episode. I guess somehow he knew it would be perfect for PATSP. With no further ado, and a hat-tip to Andrew:

(UPDATE: Make that two hat tips to Andrew. The YouTube version was taken down, but if you're willing to sit through an ad first, NBC has it on their website. See below.)

For 1000 bonus points, and the trip to Cancun: what plant is incorrectly identified as a cactus in this sketch? (Answer: 3)


1 Sort of irritable/depressed, but not about anything in particular. Also occasionally catastrophically sad. It's weird and illogical and I know it's weird and illogical, even while it's going on, but when the entire world is frustrating or depressing, it really doesn't help to know that the frustration and depression aren't "real." In fact, knowing that the frustration and depression aren't real is actually just one more thing to be frustrated and depressed about. Those in the audience who have been clinically depressed before will know what I mean, though they may be surprised that I can trigger a brief depressive episode just by switching to or from Daylight Savings Time. So anyway. The whole point was, my schedule is fairly rigid, but it's mostly not by choice: my brain holds the rest of the body hostage. Which is kind of like how my respiratory system made my nervous system quit smoking, by developing asthma to the point where I just had to stop. I live in constant dread of the day when my digestive system wants something, 'cause you know that rebellion is going to be no fun at all.
2 (I miss Tina Fey. And yes, I know she has another show. I watched a few times and didn't think it was all that funny. Plus I'm kinda ambivalent about Alec Baldwin. Am I missing anything? Should I give it another chance? I'm definitely going to try to make it to the Tina Fey / Amy Pohler movie, Baby Mama, when it comes out. I know SNL movies are rarely funny, but I figure this one should be better than most, because any movie with two female leads is going to have to try a lot harder, movie-industry sexism being what it is.)
3 Euphorbia trigona.


mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

How timely. I wondered why people would mutilate lovely cacti with googly eyes and now I know why.

I bought a googly-eyed cactus on my recent trip to visit my family in Las Vegas. Mr. Peeps, as we call him, became the unofficial mascot of Spring Fling last weekend.

The link is to some of his adventures.

No Rain said...

Darn. I wanted to play, but it said the clip was no longer available.

Water Roots said...

Yup, I noticed the Euphorbia right away... As I watched, I kept thinking "Stop spraying the damn plant..." LOL... Anyhow, I'm so glad I had a chance to see this movie as soon as you put it on your web. I tried it again today and it's not available anymore...

In addition, Christopher Walken is one of my favourite actors. I especially liked him in 'The Dead Zone'

Benjamin Vogt said...

I loved this sketch when I saw it, and more so loved that I happened to turn on SNL when my favorite host ever was doing it. Otherwise, SNL just stinks.

Andrew said...

The YouTube vid was taken down but you can get a new embed link directly from SNL by going here: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/play.shtml?mea=237389

Tracy said...

The NBC link works, that is so funny! Thanks for sharing that video with us.