Friday, April 11, 2008

Pretty picture: Rhododendron spp.

Okay, I know I have slowed down a lot on posting the plant profiles. And I'm sorry. I'm going to make an effort today on the Haworthia spp. one, and (I hope) post it tomorrow. I blame work. In the meantime:

We have a few azaleas (Rhododendron spp.) at work at the moment (I specify "at the moment" because they turn over fast. A lot of them sell, and the ones that don't sell look so crappy so quickly that they're rotated out quickly too. Any given azalea spends maybe a week in the greenhouse, max, before one or the other of those things happens.) that have caught my attention because they're two-toned. The buds are red, and as they open, the flowers gradually change to pink. Maybe this isn't that unusual or noteworthy, but other people at work have commented.

I don't have a variety name for them, or I'd share it. Probably you guys have all seen these, or something like them, anyway.


Tracy said...

Those are so pretty. I love azaleas, I think they are gorgeous. I have a bi color one right now that is getting buds.....I am going to post a pic in the next few days. I started a new job a few weeks ago, now I am seeing how much work keeping it all together is.

I have found my azaleas to be pretty easy to care for. They like to be pretty moist all the time, so there isn't too much of a chance of overwatering them. They are supposed to need a cold period to induce flowering, but mine didn't get one, so I don't know what made it flower.

Do you own one? If not, you

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a bi-colored azalea before---cool beans! They are are my favorite potted plant and I splurge on them as often as I can---they last much longer than cut flowers but are half the price. How can you lose?