Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Eleventh Commandment?

Maybe this one should replace #9 or #10, but for now we'll call it #11:

11. Thou shalt not move thy plant directly from an indoor no-sun position to a full-sun outdoor position just because you believe it to be a cactus. Especially if you haven't heard of Euphorbias.

(For anyone who missed it, the previous post with the ten houseplant commandments is here.)

A customer's Euphorbia trigona.

This particular customer not only broke #11, but they also had the plant in a glass pot without drainage (#3) and thought it was a cactus (#5).

Not their fault exactly. Nobody knows these things automatically, and it is kinda logical to put a plant that wants sun into the sun. But still, this is why there's commandment #5. It's depressing. I cleaned it up as best as I could and put it in a clay pot with drainage. It could still make it. It's a tough species. We'll see.


Frances, said...

Hi Mr. Sub, It is good to show mercy for the transgressor customer for their mistakes. We don't have houseplants due to the plant eating cat, Hazel, having to keep the orchids, broms and abutilons in the greenhouse/sunroom with the door closed. If any of these were in full sun they would be goners for sure. I liked your chapter 3 of Cereus.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good point, Mr. S.! Even if it really were a cactus, it couldn't survive the transition to full sun without gradual acclimatization. (Glass with no drainage? What did they think they had there, an aquarium?!!)

Mother Nature said...

Mr. Sub.
The Ten Houseplant
Commandments should not pass away into the archives of time but be displayed to edify the masses daily. I humbly beseech thy gracious permission to add it to a place of prominence on my blog with credit and a link due it's esteemed creator.

Mother Nature said...

I received word about the THC and it is finished.

Anonymous said...

Do you also get the E trigona whose owners don't water it at all over winter - and then expect instant rehydration?

Takes teaspoon watering to a whole new level.

Unknown said...

I bet it makes it. I rescued a plain old crown of thorns from the clearance table at a local garden center because it looks a little past its prime... and it made an amazing recovery and is full and lush. Tough little guys, those euphorbias...