Friday, August 15, 2008

Questions for the Hive Mind: Park NOIDs

Some NOIDs from the trip a couple days ago to Kent State Park, including a reposting of a couple from the Yellow post on Tuesday. Slightly more detail may be available if opened in another window:

#1: Possible Oenothera?

#2: The one that's been driving me crazy in the last few weeks. (Identified in comments by
J as Chamaecrista fasciculata, partridge pea. It was probably deliberately planted by the state.)

#3: Blue thing. (Identified in comments by J as Campanula americana.)

#3: Another shot of the blue thing.

#4: Strange orangish flower. (Identified in comments by J as Impatiens capensis)

#5: Vine with red-purple flowers. This one's scary: I saw it strangling a thistle, for chrissakes. It also seems really familiar to me, but I can't place it. (Identified in comments by J as Apios americana, American groundnut.)

#6: Not a good picture, I'm aware. I'm not really expecting an ID. Just point me in a direction.

Anybody have any guesses?


J said...

The second yellow one might be some sort of partridge pea (Chamaecrista fasciculata;

The orange is definitely jewelweed (Impatiens capensis;

The blue one is Campanula americana, maybe? (

J said...

Scary purple vine: Possible American groundnut (Apios americana; The pinnate leaves in the background are the tip-off, I think. At first I thought the lance-shaped leaves beneath the flowers belonged to the vine; I don't think they do...

This is fun! And now I have to do some WORK work.

perL said...

Wellll. The only one familiar to me was the jewelweed, in regard to knowing its name. The probable Campanula is something I've seen on occasion here in Indiana.
That second one is DEFINITELY very strange. Looks like Mimosa pudica with Verbascum blooms glued on it. Weird. Photos that come up on Google agree with J.
Neat plants, Mr. S.

Lance said...

If it's strangling a thistle would it be a triffid - or did I watch too much bad scifi growing up?

lisa said...

I think the last image is showy tick trefoil, yours looks about done blooming. (Mine are close to done.) That's my guess, anyway. :)

JoAnna said...

I am sooooooo glad that I found your picture of the groundnut. I just discovered this plant today and was dying to know. It was a quick search to find you. By any chance, do you notice that this flower STINKS????????

mr_subjunctive said...


I haven't run into the plant again since 2008, believe it or not, so I couldn't say. Glad the post was helpful.