Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pretty picture: Spathoglottis plicata 'Sobert Tropical Punch'

Haven't done an orchid picture in a while, mostly because we don't have any worth showing lately. The last batch we got were in full bloom out of the box from Florida, and dropped most of the blooms within a couple weeks. Also they were all either plants that I'd gotten (and posted) pictures of previously, or they were plants very similar to something I'd posted previously.

The picture is much bigger than this. Right-click and open in a new window.

This is the first new thing there's been in a while. The common name for Spathoglottis is "ground orchid," though lists the common names "boat orchid" and "Phillippine orchid" as well. Judging from the pictures there, Spathoglottis flowers are also usually solid colors, mostly pinks and purples, instead of two-toned pink and yellow like our boy here.

It's a truly gorgeous plant, with enormous (for a potted orchid), shiny, pleated leaves in a fishtail shape, and apparently it's also essentially impossible to grow indoors: it needs relentless heat and humidity, air circulation, and bright bright light but no actual sun.

I don't know exactly why we got it. It wasn't my idea. Glad I got to see it, though. We got two Tuesday afternoon, and one was sold before 9 AM on Wednesday.

In person, the colors remind me very much of . . . something, but I'm not sure what. Easter, kinda. Certain winter sunsets. There's a definite candy-colored thing happening (saltwater taffy, bubble gum, Starbursts).

UPDATED TO ADD: Yes, the tag said "Sobert," not "Sorbet," even though "Sorbet" would make a lot more sense, in light of the candy/edible thing just mentioned.

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sheila said...

I've kept a Spathoglottis plicata alive since winter, so it's not impossible, although I used to have two. But one came with horrific scale (bad ebay vendor, BAD!), and I didn't get around to dealing with it until it was totally out of control, so I opted to throw it away. It wasn't worth contaminating my whole plant room for a $4 plant (very small plant, nowhere near blooming size).

My orchid room is warm, humid, has good air circulation (well, it did until the last fan died), and gets bright light from an HID light. So I guess I have the conditions it needs. We'll see if I can get it to bloom...