Friday, September 12, 2008

Random plant event: Chlorophytum 'Charlotte' flower

Sorry about the recent kinda lame posts. I've been feeling a little what's-it-all-about. The blog's fine, the plants are fine, the husband's good, but work is kind of discouraging, and I've been better physically. I may need a vacation.

This is my Chlorophytum 'Charlotte,' one of the plants I got from Asiatica Nursery last June. We've had some misunderstandings, the plant and I, mostly as regards watering, and I think it still has fewer leaves than it had when it arrived, but we're communicating better now. The flowers aren't anything to get too excited about, but they're better than dead leaves, so hey.


Aiyana said...

My posts are kinda lame lately too. Maybe I need a vacation.

Frances, said...

Hi Mr. Sub, hope you get a little more perky soon and back to your normal sarcastic self with lots of footnotes.

I moved over to wordpress with the blotanical issues getting to me and am better although of course there are issues there too. Come visit me as I am starting over with the blogroll, too many to transfer.

Frances at Fairegarden

Tracy said...

At least you write about something.....mine is so lame lately too, but i just ignore it......must be the

Ira said...

I am wondering if anybody would be so kind as to provide more information about this plant. I have a granddaughter named Charlotte and would like to purchase the plant for her and tell her mother something about it.



Tony said...

I don't mind the small-flower posts - I actually really enjoy it when you post the flowers on plants that normally don't get enough light to flower (or don't get paid attention to when they do). I have a soft spot for cactus flowers that last about 2 minutes and flowers on plants normally grown for foliage. Hey, at least it means the plant is doing fine.