Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random plant event: Codiaeum variegatum seedpods

We got a handful of new Codiaeum variegatums a few weeks back, because people are supposed to buy autumn-colored plants during autumn (they don't, though; it's more an article of faith than an astute market observation), and one of the plants had a couple seedpods on it.

Sadly, they disappeared after a day or two; I'd planned to try to plant them, just to see what would happen, but when I went to do so, I couldn't find them anymore. I suspect that one of the co-workers noticed them, decided they were trash, and threw them away. That kind of thing happens a lot.

The pods themselves are ribbed like pumpkins, except that they only have three ribs. They naturally break apart into three pieces, along the ribs. Beyond that, can't tell you anything.

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