Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pretty pictures: Tillandsia stricta hybrid flowers

I trust that someone will let me know if I'm hitting the air-plant flowers thing too hard. Three posts in less than a month about the same thing -- maybe it gets tedious. In my defense, there's only just so much going on at the moment to talk about. And a lot of what is going on (seeding of Violas at work, for example) is not terribly interesting or visual. So. There's at least one more Tillandsia flower picture coming in the next couple weeks.

I was originally going to leave it at just those two, but then the actual flowers opened in time for me to include them in the post as well, so:

This all, naturally, has me worried that another obsession may be forming. That may not be so bad: I seem to have gotten out of the orchid thing with a reasonable amount of money and sanity intact. But the African violets and bromeliads still have their hooks in. This could turn ugly yet.


anchie said...

I am so getting some! I also ran out of my orchid quota and was looking for something new. Thanks for the tip. I would like to hang a few in a ball. Any mounting ideas?

arythrina said...

Beautiful and interesting plants - keep them coming!

lisa said...

"Turn ugly"? Nah, turn more pretty, maybe!

Ryan said...

If the inflorescence isn't done for yet, you should get a picture of the stigma. It should be conspicuously twisted like most of the family.