Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random plant event: Neoregelia NOID 'Nuance' true flowers

We've had these Neoregelia NOIDs 'Nuance' at work for a while now, and they've been in bloom, or at least about to bloom, for months. They're striking, I guess: the plants are maybe a foot and a half across, with a hot pink center. Nobody's wanted to buy them, though, for some reason. (My guess? I think people are interested, but they assume that since the plants are unusual-looking, they must be difficult to grow.)

The main reason for this post is that it's the best and clearest example I've seen yet for what the actual flowers of a Neoregelia look like (though there's at least one other Neoregelia photo at the 'Fireball' profile).

Both of these photos do get much, much bigger, by the way.

I have no idea what's supposed to pollinate these; it's especially puzzling because the actual flowers can be completely underwater sometimes (these had been: I dumped the water out to take the photo). But I suppose something must. Or must it?


Peter said...


Amy said...

Wish I could take it home :)


lisa said...

Very cool...I aint scared, I'd try one out if it's not too expensive.

lancetx said...

I'd love one.

Maybe little tiny larvae do the pollinating? Swimming around in the little pool.