Thursday, January 1, 2009

Music video: Familjen "Det Snurrar I Min Skalle"

I love pretty much everything about this video. Not like, not tolerate -- love. Everything. Though it's a little weird to love a song that's in a language I can't understand (in this case, Swedish? I think?). Stay out of the YouTube comments unless you 1) understand Swedish, 2) want to fight about the relative superiority of Scandanavian countries, or 3) want to insult religious people / be insulted for no particular reason.

Lucky for you, I've waded into the cesspool myself to bring you the English translation,1 which is approximate and not professional but which seems to more or less agree on most points with the approximate and non-professional translations at YouTube. Obviously I'm willing to be corrected by Swedish speakers in the audience, if any.

made up a fire for you,
and now the whole forest is burning.
I know what you're going to say,
and it feels just like the first time.

show them that its us,
but everybody already knew.
you're running away with me;
yes, can you hear them singing?

as if everything was predetermined,
like the earth goes around the sun.

could've taken my place?
He just doesn't exist.
are talking about something wonderful:
I'm there to tell the story.
bigger than I ever imagined --
my head is dizzy (spinning).

Yeah can you hear them singing? (repeat to end)


1 (You're welcome.)


Anonymous said...

How cool is the accordion player! Very rocking video and, I for one, truly appreciate your efforts to bring this into an English translation. This is heading straight for the charts.

Anonymous said...

What a great find. It's got a great beat and you can dance to it. What more do you need?

Linda Lunda said...

Japp! Yes it ia in Swedeish!
What a fun video! They have made it so great!
LOL its the best!

Linda Lunda said...

Swedish! Haha ... cant even wright today....

Anonymous said...

Oh, Familjen--I love them. It's also kinda funny (to some, I suppose) because they have a really strong Skånska accent (southern Swedish).

Anonymous said...

FYI: You can grab the mp3 from here.

Unknown said...

Now I know where Tim got his taste in music! Usually it's too sugary-sweet for me (can you say Fountains of Wayne?) but this one is AWESOME. (Mysti)

RMR said...

That rocks!