Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the "Battlestar Galactica" fans:

The husband and I went for a drive to the Quad Cities today; the objective was to go to Wallace's, and we did go, but it was a crushing disappointment, as they've closed their greenhouses for some unknown period of time, and had somehow whittled down their tropical selection down to a sad two tables' worth of the most ordinary stuff imaginable. Which is not what I go there for, obviously.

But the trip wasn't a total waste: I did eventually find a plant to buy, at Lowe's (a Polyscias fruticosa, which hopefully hadn't been there long enough to be mistreated too severely), and on the way up, we encountered this bar in Davenport:

Close-up of the relevant bit:

So that was pretty cool.

(For non-BSG viewers: "frak" is the word BSG uses to get around censorship of the word "fuck" on the show. The spelling's not quite right, but obviously it'd be pronounced the same way.)

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