Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pretty picture: Phalaenopsis NOID

Hopefully it hasn't been noticeable, but my work schedule and the home watering schedule came together last week in such a way that I spent more or less every second of every day for several days in a row either at work or watering at home, or scrambling to throw together a blog post at the last minute. The botanical names post from a few days ago was also being unusually uncooperative, and had to be started over from scratch three different times. This sort of sucked, not least because I had to throw out some really good jokes in the process.

Life is maybe going to be a little more easier for a while, but then it'll get crazy again as work accelerates. So try to be patient.

Meanwhile: Phalaenopsis NOID.


Ann said...

Beautiful pix, my mum and dad used to grow all sorts of orchids when I was young. They (the flowers) last a long time.

Thanks for good memories.


arythrina said...

Ooh... spots! I love the spotted ones. I had one pop open at home with spots that is the color of a sunset. And yes, the flowers can last for months.