Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pretty picture: Nematanthus NOID flowers

Until I started my current job, I had no idea that Nematanthus flowers were ever any color but orange. But not only can they be orange, they're sometimes pink:

and every once in a while, they can even be tiger-striped:

Which is awfully cool of them.

I've bought a pink one from work, and brought home a tiger-striped cutting, but so far, only the tiger-striped one has bloomed. The pink one is maybe not in the best spot, but I think it's getting a lot of fluorescent light where it is, so I'm puzzled that it can't bring itself to give me even one flower.

I'm sure we'll work something out sooner or later. It seems like the kind of plant that could be reasoned with.


blossom said...

Sooo cute ... Looks like a pouting mouth waiting for a kiss.

lancetx said...

It really does