Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretty picture: Petunia 'Potunia Strawberry' flower

The plugs are beginning to come in, and for me, lately, everything's been about trying to squeeze the tropicals into smaller and smaller spaces so we have room for the plugs we're transplanting. This is difficult.

The plugs really ought to be too young to try to flower, but they do anyway. The lighting was weird on this one (yellowish, from one of the grow lights: the flower is really more of a bubblegum-wrapper pink, not the orange it appears to be in the photo). This is a new variety for us, or at least it's a variety we weren't carrying last year: these 'Potunias' look pretty normal so far: if there's something special about them, I haven't seen it yet.

But still. It's the first Petunia of the year, and (unlike many people) I like Petunias, so it's noteworthy to me.


Chris And His New Petunia said...

Hi! I like petunias too. In fact I just bought one. Anything with a flower is ok in my book. Any tips on propagation and care?

mr_subjunctive said...

Not really; we never tried to propagate ours, and the only time I've cared for any was in the greenhouse. It probably can be done, but I don't know how they'd work as houseplants. (If you're growing them as outdoor plants, there are all kinds of sites out there that'll tell you how to do that.)

Chris and his Petunia said...

Most of what I find though are growing petunias from seeds. Not a lot on cuttings.


POtunia is a great plant-- I planted it in a container last summer, and it bloomed its head off.Papaya, an unusual color not terribly common to petunias.O love this plant!