Monday, August 10, 2009

Random plant event: Tillandsia NOID flowering

This was at the ex-job sometime in June or July; I'm not sure when I visited and took this picture. Whatever it is (I know it's a Tillandsia of some kind, but not sure which one: they usually shipped them to us with identifications, but we didn't have a particularly good way of keeping them identified once we put them on the sales floor.), they still have them, and they're still blooming, if anyone in the area is reading this and thinking OMG I must have one.

I also bought four new plants, two of which were brand-new things I've never seen for sale here before. If I can get decent pictures of the four, then there will be a post about them soonish: so far, only one of them has photographed well, and it's not, you know, the greatest picture ever. I'll be working on it, I promise.


lynn'sgarden said...

These airplants usually fall under the category of 'cool looking!' but i've never ventured to purchase one. Maybe because they almost seem 'fake' especially those you see hot-glued to a shell or piece of driftwood. The blooms are striking though! Aw, sorry that I missed the whole week of houseplant tournament but looks like the WINNERS would have been my choices.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Unusual and funny!

our friend Ben said...

Geez, a houseplant tournament?! Drat Blotanical for taking so long to get the faved posts back up and operational. I'm obviously going to have to head back to the archives!