Monday, October 19, 2009

Even More Blogroll Additions

Are these posts boring for you guys, as readers? I'm never sure if they're, you know, planty enough to be bothering with. In any case, some more blogs I've enjoyed lately, in no particular order:

The Scientist Gardener. Written by MAT kinase. From upstate New York. Outdoor, agriculture, food science, food politics. I probably found this through James and the Giant Corn.

The Hanging gardens of EpiCrazy. Written by J.J., in Antioch, Tennessee, United States. I sort of hesitate to include this, because it's narrow focus and short duration so far (the first post was 29 Sep 2009) mean it may not be around long -- a lot of blogs are abandoned after a handful of posts. However, he seems appropriately obsessive, and you've never seen such epiphytic cactus flower photos. So THGOEC makes the cut. Epiphytes, particularly epiphytic cacti (Hatiora, Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, etc.), eye candy. Found through Blotanical.

Plant Zone. Written by Aerelonian. London, Ontario, Canada. Tropicals (especially orchids, Hibiscus, and Bougainvillea), growing plants from seed, succulents, some outdoor. Found through Dirt Therapy, which is funny since Dirt Therapy isn't on the list yet.

So, naturally, we'll add Dirt Therapy. Written by Phillip Oliver. Florence, Alabama, United States. Outdoor, ornamental, cooking, lawn replacement. Found through the 2009 Blotanical Awards (DT was the winner of Best Alabama Blog).

Animal Review. I'm unclear about whether this is still being updated regularly or not: it had been from May '08 to March '09, and then it just kind of stops for six months while, allegedly, a book was being written. But it's a hysterical read all the same. Written by nobody in particular (meaning I couldn't find any kind of author name, not that it's written by someone who goes by the handle "nobody in particular,"), from no particular place. Animals, humor, humorous animal-related geekery, anthropomorphism. I do not remember how I found this but suspect Twitter is responsible.

Joe's Paphs and Orchid Blog. Written by, as you would assume, Joe. Singapore. Orchids, in particular Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum, photography. Not a lot of text or care information, but holy crap the eye candy. I promise you, you have not seen phals and paphs like these, even if you're really into phals and paphs. I do not remember how I ran across this blog and don't even have a guess.

Genetic Maize. Written by Anastasia Bodnar. Ames, Iowa, United States. Genetics, agriculture, genetic engineering (GMOs), food politics. Another one I found through James and the Giant Corn.

Talking Plants. Written by Tim Entwisle. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Orchids, Australian outdoor gardening, science, Australian native plants. Don't remember finding this one either.

All Andrew's Plants. Written by Andrew. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It's fuzzy w/r/t the subject matter, since it's new, but houseplants have been promised. Found via Andrew himself, whose other blog I was already following.


Lucy Corrander said...

I confess I don't visit as often as I used to - but it still comes up on my reader.

The reason I don't actually visit and comment a lot isn't really to do with the blog itself; more that I read things rather randomly nowadays.

This was one of the first plant-related blogs I came across. I should visit more often!


Sue Catmint said...

thanks for this mr s.- great idea to review planty (lol) of other blogs. the problem is how to find the time (and get sleep) to follow the wonderful and endlessly fascinating bloggy trail ... cheers, catmint

Anonymous said...

Check you out every am - if the sun is shining enough to keep me online. Thanks for the list, the blogword is so large that letting you do the weeding suits me just fine.

Kenneth Moore said...

I depend upon other bloggers' lists to find blogs that would interest me, so yes, totally valuable info here. I go through infrequent quests for new reading, but I have limited capacity to follow, as shown by the month of September when I disappeared almost completely from the wide web of the world (only eight posts in one month? Really??!).

our friend Ben said...

I love the blog reviews, Mr. S.! (Of course, as you know, we're not fanatics about being so "planty" over at Poor Richard's Almanac.) Besides, most of these blogs are plant-related, so it's not like you're straying from the point! Guess now I'll have to go check out the epiphytes and the phals/paphs. Eye candy is always appreciated!

Liza said...

I enjoy your posts!

Karen715 said...

No, no, I love discovering new blogs, planty or not, and several of your favorites are now mine as well.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

MAT Kinase? Brilliant!

Matt DiLeo said...

Thanks for the plug! I've been enjoying your blog since I found it (I think through James' site). The new additions look interesting and I'll be following them too.

@digitalemur: do you get my pun (MAP kinase)? if so, you're the first!

James said...

I very much appreciate these posts. Glad my site pointed you at another couple of cool blogs, and really looking forward to reading some others I'd never heard of before (Plant Zone and Talking Plants look particularly awesome).

Andrew said...

Thanks! Basically my blog will be what my previous blog was (hardy plants - perennials & shrubs) but with some much needed houseplants thrown in. For houseplants the majority of posts will cover orchids & gesneriads though I'm also a fan of ferns and bromeliads. Content will be varied but I aim to post at least 3 times a week (though depending on time that may just be a quick picture post). Generally from now until April though it'll be pretty reliably houseplant heavy though I do have a few fall posts on deck.

Joe said...

Thanks for your good comments on my blog "Joe's Paphs And Orchid Blog". I have recently changed my blog address to so the old references don't work anymore.

I recently bought a lot of Paphs from the annual Singapore Gardens Festival. Hopefully they will flower soon so I can post their pics on my blog.