Friday, October 23, 2009

Iowa City Graffiti: Sin

This, clearly, is an incredibly wicked and depraved dumpster.


James said...

I wonder, is the fox who or what is sinning? Or is the fox condemning the dumpster's misdeeds?

Kenneth Moore said...

How appropriate--I am currently watching the third episode of the sixth season of Xena, the one following Xena's murdering of the king of hell. She must replace him, but she's like "Nah," so she turns the Archangel Lucifer into a sinner and then he becomes... Well, we all know the rest.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an inducement TO sin, like something Satan's Cheerleaders would be yelling on the sidelines... guess I've been spending to much time in the video store cult section.

mr_subjunctive said...

James & Anonymous:

I think it's fairly open to interpretation, really. Perhaps the dumpster is yelling it at passersby. Mainly I like this one because of the way that, whatever "sin" is supposed to mean here, the complete meaning couldn't be conveyed without repeating it twelve times. Like, eleven "sins" just wouldn't have been enough, and thirteen would have been overkill.

Kenneth Moore:

Xena created the devil?! I did not know this. Thanks a lot, Xena.

Benjamin Vogt said...

It is RED.