Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretty picture: Heliconia psittacorum 'Bright Lights' flowers

Bought this plant in August, and so far so good, I guess. I'm surprised at how long the flowers have lasted: I've gotten a solid two months out of them, and although there are signs that the show is winding down, the bracts remain bright orange and everything, so it's still not over.

I do need to repot the plant: it's in some peat-based garbage that dries into a brick, and dries out too quickly besides. Some real potting mix would no doubt do a world of good. There always seem to be five other things I should do first, though, so I haven't gotten to that yet. Soon, though. Maybe.


lynn'sgarden said...

I've not seen a heliconia in this shade...apt name though! I have quite a few plants I need to repot too before bringing them into the house.
Hey, thanks for playing the game on my post...and for the big laugh you gave me on #13 Mr_Subj!

Zach said...

I really like Heliconias, but have never come across one to purchase. I probably just need to run down to Dallas and get one or something. Cool plant, indeed.