Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random plant event: Gynura aurantiaca flower buds

This is hardly news; it's been happening forever. Though it's kind of news that it's been happening forever: I didn't expect the Gynuras to keep trying to bloom like this.

In any case: it's a good idea to try to keep up with the plants, pulling buds off as you see them. I wouldn't ordinarily bother with pinching them off: even when I know that it's not good for the plants in the long run, I'm reluctant to mess with them doing what they're naturally inclined to do. But these flowers stink. It's not terrible if there's just a couple of them, but if a bunch of flowers are open at once, you wind up with a strong body odor / vomit / feet / rancid butter kind of smell. (Picture of fully-opened flowers at this post.)

So I pinch. I figured this picture was kind of interestingly dramatic, or maybe I'm just overly impressed when the pictures are in focus, so I thought I'd post it.


our friend Ben said...

It *is* very dramatic, Mr. S.! It's been many years since I had a Gynura aurantiaca, and I certainly never had one bloom. But yow, forewarned is forearmed. Thanks!

Good to Grow said...

That's a beautiful photo. I had no idea those blossoms are stinky, thanks for the info!

Kenneth Moore said...

How surprised would you be if I told you that I killed my Gynura aurantiaca? Chopped it all up to root the cuttings, potted them up to make 'em look bushy instead of all leggy, and then proceeded not to water them for a week or two. They withered and couldn't be salvaged. :( I mourned by getting a Dracaena "Baby Doll."

I don't mind the smell. Mine was in intense bloom when I bought it. But I wouldn't want more than one small plant blooming at once!

mr_subjunctive said...

We used to kill them all the time at work (though they seem to be doing better since I left the job): either we weren't watering them at all, which they hate, or we were watering them constantly, which they also hate. So it does happen.