Friday, July 30, 2010

And if that wasn't enough reading for you,

PATSP participated in the blog carnival "Berry-Go-Round" #30, which is hosted by Brain Ripples and can be found here. PATSP's contribution, Part I of the Phalaenopsis profile, will already be familiar to regular readers, but there are other people there, with new, primarily science-themed, posts. Some of these are people you (ought to) know, like Rock Paper Lizard, The Phytophactor, and Watching the World Wake Up; others are new to me but will probably be showing up on the blogroll whenever I get around to updating the blogroll again.

Particularly recommended to PATSP readers: "19 Basic Botanical Terms," at Learn Plants Now. I really need to do a post like that, so I figure out some of these terms myself.


Liza said...

I didn't know about a single one of those sites! Weird, right? Thanks for the turn-on. By the way, I loved how you channeled Richard Dawson today. I don't know where that came from, but you should bottle it. It was very funny.

Hugh Griffith said...

Thanks for the plug, and for the other links! Hope your basement dries out soon.