Monday, October 4, 2010

Random plant event: Pilea nummulariifolia flowers

Saw this at the ex-job on Friday and thought it was interesting. At least, interesting as Pilea flowers go: usually they're pale green or pink. This red-orange color surprised me.

They're apparently pretty short-lived: when I pointed them out to the greenhouse manager, she said something to the effect of oh, those: I've never seen them before they got all brown and crusty.

I originally wrote that my plants at home have never flowered, but then yesterday I watered the one in the living room and found that no, it does have a few flowers on it. They're not as abundant as in the above pictures, but they're recognizably the same thing, if somewhat lighter in color.


catharine Howard said...

Do you like living with that Pilea?

mr_subjunctive said...

catharine Howard:

Why wouldn't I?

Pat said...

Just trying to comment here after the machine refused my comment on the new post about edibles. It gave me a 414 URL too large. I tried scrolling through the URL and agreed after a couple of minutes.

Pat said...

This one worked, hope I didn't bombard you with many copies of the other reply.