Friday, June 10, 2011

Pretty picture: Doritaenopsis Chain Xen Queen 'A0-175'

Blargh. Another Phalaenopsis. Even if it's a Doritaenopsis.

Though I suppose I shouldn't complain so much about Phalaenopsis. Mine's still alive, and it's even growing a new leaf as of about a week or two ago. It's not a rebloom, but I'm suddenly doubting that orchids do rebloom. My observations show that they flower once, then die. (Sometimes very slowly, though. Like bromeliads.) Everybody else in the world is obviously mistaken.


Aralia said...

My phales started reblooming, when i moved them in to the kitchen, where the night time temperature is lower than the day time temp. Maybe your room temperature is too stable?

mr_subjunctive said...


It's possible / likely. I did try to let the evening temperatures drop in the plant room this spring and last fall, but I couldn't let it get below 60F/16C even then, for fear of harming the other plants in the room.

Thomas said...

I know that there are ways to get them to bloom regularly, but I'm not disciplined (AR/OCD) enough for that. They bloom when they bloom. Maybe fertilize more often? Or you could go here:

But before you get all bug eyed snorting, read here... I might try it with the white one (not my fave) and see what happens.

And lastly, I have a Doritis, maybe D. pulcherrima, that's bloomed twice in 20 years. It's a nice plant otherwise w/ thick fleshy succulent-looking leaves and thick silvery roots. The sources I'm reading today (which sound like they're quoting the same source - AOS?) say to repot yearly. Your post has inspired me - today I'm going to repot this baby and see what happens. And fill some ice cube trays.

Thanks, and good luck.

Trainer John said...

They do rebloom, even in the house. The growth of the new leaf - you should get two in quick succession - is the sign that the plant is doing well - and that reblooming will follow. Don't give up.

Kathalina said...

All 10 of mine bloom multiple blossoms several times a year. I submergeand soak mine overnight once a week. They sit in orchid bark and moss on the top. No secrets, just orchid food every other week and a bay window with bright light and early morning sun.

orchidnut said...

Phals are good houseplants, they like pretty much the same temps.but there should be about a 10 degree change from night to day,no direct sun and do not leave any water in the top leaves or it may get root rot.
I need to say that, when did it ever rain ice cubes in the jungle? If you can remember to put ice on the plant you can remember once a week to water it. I presently have about 100 orchids of various genera in the house, mostly on window sills and they bloom for me every year or moore, just talk to them, nicely