Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rumble Among the Jungle, Match 4.1

Since we're more than a month into the RATJ now, I'm going to just assume everybody has read the rules instead of copying and pasting them into the posts over and over.

Final numbers for matches 3.9 and 3.10:

In match 3.9, Spathiphyllum surprises me once again, by defeating a plant I see as obviously superior. This is apparently going to be a thing with me and Spathiphyllum. The margin of victory was slim: Spathiphyllum beat Aeschynanthus spp. by 62 to 54.

The first poll for match 3.10 was glitchy, for unknown reasons, so some people couldn't vote in it. I replaced it with a new poll that worked properly, but there were then two sets of votes to count. The glitchy poll gave Echeveria et al. 14 votes and Chlorophytum comosum 7; when added to the results of the more functional poll (43 and 49, respectively), we get Echeveria et al. winning over Chlorophytum comosum by 57 to 56. This is perhaps close enough to warrant a do-over, but that would screw up the posting schedule, so I'm not gonna.

As we are now in round 4, I'm slowing down the votes yet again and only posting one match per day. Partly, this is because it's more dramatic this way (after three rounds of selection, the plants that have gotten here ought to be pretty good fighters), but also I have to: now that we're down to a small fraction of the original field, the three-day wait for the final tallies means that about half of round 3 is still collecting votes while we begin round 4. (By round 6, the semifinals, I'll have to start skipping days between matches.)

Match 4.1
Clivia miniata cvv. vs. Saintpaulia cvv. (African violet)

Top: Clivia miniata. (Picture by Guérin Nicolas at Wikimedia Commons.) Bottom: NOID cv.

Saintpaulia cvv.
Top row, L-R: NOID, assorted NOIDs, NOID.
Middle row, L-R: NOID, NOID, NOID.
Bottom row, L-R: 'Harmony's Red Star,' 'Mellow Magic' close-up, NOID.


Tom said...

I was dreading this match...

mr_subjunctive said...

At this moment, Match 3.14 is exactly tied between Cycas revoluta and the self-heading Philodendrons (49-49); match 3.15 is exactly tied between Aeonium spp. and Tillandsia spp. (43-43), and match 3.16 is within one vote (Agave spp. 44, Calathea spp. 43). I find this either interesting or exasperating. Not sure which.

Long Haired Lady Rider said...

Spathiphyllum cheated.

CelticRose said...

Yay!!! The Echeveria gang beat the cursed Chlorophytums! Woot!

phantom_tiger said...

Chlorophytum would like to think it is only a coincidence that the only screwed up poll is the one it lost. But there's politics for you.

Tom said...

Oh bah. I hope Cycas and Tillandsia win! I feel like I'm going to be stuck with Aeonium though...I won't be heart broken if self heading philodendron gets through though... I actually really like those (but not as much as Cycas!). Ok I think that was enough rant...