Monday, October 10, 2011

Rumble Among the Jungle, Matches 2.13-2.16

Rules and Stuff
1) It's probably possible to vote more than once per poll, but please don't. If I believe that someone is voting repeatedly, I will throw out those results, repost the poll, and seriously question that person's priorities.
2) If you want to link to a poll on Twitter / Facebook / your blog / whatever and encourage your friends to come and pump up the support for your favorite plants, you are encouraged to do so.
3) You are also encouraged to leave comments on Rumble posts, if so moved.
4) All photos will enlarge if opened in a separate window/tab.
5) You can choose which plant is "best" according to whatever criteria you decide for yourself. My personal process is a bit convoluted.1
6) All polls will be open for three days.

The results for matches 1.61 to 1.64 were posted in this morning's post, if you haven't already seen that.

Today's matches:

Match 2.13
Platycerium spp. (staghorn fern) vs. Gynura aurantiaca (purple passion plant)

(Unidentified Platycerium spp.)

(All Gynura aurantiaca.)

Match 2.14
Aloe vera (medicinal aloe, burn plant) vs. Schlumbergera cvv. (holiday/Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus)

(Top: young Aloe vera. Bottom: mature A. vera.)

Center and top left: Schlumbergera 'Caribbean Dancer;' others are NOID.

Match 2.15
Pachira aquatica (money tree) vs. Cordyline fruticosa cvv. (ti plant)

(Pachira aquatica.)

Clockwise from top left: Cordyline fruticosa 'Florica,' species, NOID, NOID which might be 'Chocolate Queen,' 'Kiwi.'

Match 2.16
Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) vs. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (tropical hibiscus)

Both Mimosa pudica. Left photo belongs to, and is used with permission from, Liza Wheeler at Good to Grow.

All unidentified cvv. except left center ('Mrs. Jimmy Spangler') and bottom right ('Sunny Wind').


1 I'm deciding according to a hypothetical situation in which all of my houseplants are gone, as are all the other houseplants of the world, except for one producer/supplier/retailer. Said person is offering to restock me with one or the other of the plants in question but refuses to give me both. Which one would I choose?


Liza said...

Darn you Hibiscus!

Andrew Ablenas said...

I like Schlumbergera but they've become so cliche. A wild, healthy aloe can be a really impressive sight! Plus it's medically useful.

Oh and Staghorn Ferns are horrendously ugly. I've seen very few specimens that align with my vision of an attractive plant. Ew.

Kapt'n Splash said...

You're killing me with 2.16, so very difficult to choose.