Friday, May 4, 2012

Random plant event: Strelitzia reginae

Quick note re: plant selling:

I have added Agave victoriae-reginae and Salvia elegans to the officially-available list. ($4 and $2.50, respectively) Murraya paniculata is now on the eventually-available list.

Now the actual post:

I don't know whether it will be clear what's going on here, but: that's a single Strelitzia reginae leaf, which has tried to turn into two leaves about halfway up. I doubt that it means anything, but I thought it was kind of cool anyway: I am occasionally tempted to think that I've seen everything my plants are capable of doing, and it's nice to be shown that that's not true.

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davelybob said...

Ooh! I'm going to snatch up one of those Agave victoriae-reginae once I get back from vacation. The Agave lophantha I bought from you last year was doing splendidly until I stupidly thought "gee, it sure is nice out for this time of the year- hey, why don't I put the Agave outside to get some real sun" and it promptly had a bunch of leaves get just absolutely pulped by baseball sized hail. Not sure yet if it will be able to recover or what it will look like if it does. So maybe I'll get one of those unrooted offsets from you as well.

Actually, all the plants I got from you last year are thriving except my poor Agave and whatever happened with the Saxifraga. The Alworthia "Black Gem" and Hatiora salicornioides in particular just keep going and going and going! I have my eye on a lot of stuff you've got this year, so I'll be in touch soon!

Also, you may want to click on my URL, the most recent post in my podcast feed is a really cool recording I got last weekend at a regional Burning Man event of this guy Dixon who plays electric violin with looping pedals and other effects, it's really beautiful, and I just thought you might get a kick out of it.

Keep on keeping on duder!