Monday, December 3, 2012

Music video: Adenium Anniversary

A reader e-mailed me a link to this, and . . . whoa. I don't understand a lot of what's going on, of course, not speaking Thai Korean. I don't think the music is related to the Adeniums, though I'm charmed by the idea that it might be. (The world needs more plant-themed dance pop.) But this is part of how Siam Adenium (WARNING: website has freaked out one reader's antivirus software, and contains autoplaying video and audio) has chosen to market themselves on-line.

I'm not entirely clear what anniversary this is supposed to commemorate; the website hints that it's the 8th anniversary of something, presumably the founding of the business? I suppose it's not important.

You know what, though: this makes me sort of want to try Adeniums again. Some of the stuff in the video is pretty awesome. The website is even worse: they've got Adeniums that appear to be about 10 feet (3 m) tall, they have "standard" forms with a crown of foliage sitting on a long, bare trunk, they have crested Adeniums, variegated Adeniums, Adenium seeds, fragrant Adeniums, doubled Adeniums, bonsai Adeniums, just everything. I didn't think there was anything that could get me to try Adeniums again, but the website might actually have done it.

And it gets worse. There's an Aglaonema page, which has me biting my knuckles in envy. Green ones, white ones, black, red, pink, contrasting midrib, contrasting veins, contrasting margin, spotted -- it's a little overwhelming. I kind of just want all of them. Though I already wanted to own all the Aglaonemas; this is just a reminder.

I don't know what the company is actually like to deal with, and there appears to be a minimum order on at least some products, so buyer beware, but they certainly do have plants I would want, if I had money and weren't trying to cut down on the number of plants I have to take care of and had space to keep more plants and had a dedicated staff of plant-waterers and so forth. Perhaps someday.


Lew said...

It says US buyers need a PIP to buy Adenium... but what about Aglaonema?

Well, I know how well Adenium grow in South East Asia. Not gonna happen here in Seattle (or in Iowa City).

Funny the video says "Why do you need to be like others?" yet all the Asian girls dye their hair to look like non-Asians. BUT, I agree we need more plant-themed pop songs.

Christine Reynolds said...

Yeah, it would be nice to understand the words, but I love the beat and all the bright colors in the video. Very cool!

Lew said...

Now, let's give guys the same chance:

Lew said...

Mr. Google just informed me that the video is the latest single from Kara, the South Korean pop girl group.

Tom said...

omgihateyousomuchiwantalltheadenium (andevensomeagalonematoo) (wow this comment was really annoying wasn't it?)

Anonymous said...

You should buy some adenium seed from Mr. Ko on ebay and grow them from seed. I have started a bunch of adenium seedlings. It's fun to grow them from seed because there is a large variation in their height/trunk size/growth habit right from the start, and if you're lucky you might get something interesting when they flower.

Didier said...

anonymous is right. growing from seeds is actually a good idea. its handsome, shiny foliage is reason enough to keep the plant, even before it's mature enough to flower.

although there is another more interesting aspect of growing from seed. knowing that adeniums grow the fastest during their first few years, if you provide them plenty of light and heat (and water and food)during this period, you can end up with meter-tall specimens. unless you want them to stay small. afterwards they only grow very slowly. tall, leggy stems will later thicken and branch out, not only at the tip, but everywhere along the stem. so there's no need to trim them back.

just keep the plant on a bright windowsill and keep the temperature above 60°f, and they won't go bald in winter. dry air current is not a problem for them. as long as you use a very airy potting mix that dries out quickly, and a claypot that is not too big, u can go ahead and water the plant on every sunny winter day. use only room-temperature water. i don't know how sunny it is at ur place, but here in germany, we have one sunny day per week on average. the best is to start the plant early in the summer and let the roots fill the pot before winter comes.

give the lovely plant one more chance! ^^

Anonymous said...

I looked around at this website the first day you posted it. No problem. Last night I went back and used the 'Siam Adenium' link and the anti-virus software gave me a warning and did a cleanup. Had to reboot to finish the cleanup. Sooo...I don't know. I never really understand these things, but thought you might want to know. I don't think that's the link I used to access the site the first time.

Texas Anon

mr_subjunctive said...

Texas Anon:

Hmmm. I didn't change the post, so the "Siam Adenium" link would have been the same in both cases. I don't really know about these things either, but I'll add a second warning to the link.

Which AV software are you using?

Anonymous said...

I use Microsoft Security Essentials. I looked at the history and yesterday it shows to have blocked Trojan:JS/IframeRef but since I had to reboot to finish cleaning this may be a different thing and the one that caused it all was removed. The program also shows this one on 12/3/2012 and that may have been the day I first looked at the site. Not sure of that date and I didn't get any screen warnings the first time. Also, I accessed it via one of the other links the first time, not 'Siam Adenium'. I think I went to via Aglaonema the first time, but I did move around in it without any warnings cropping up the first did it. Guess it's nothing to worry about if no one else is getting it. I tend to be cautious about this stuff.

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

Absolutely I accessed the site via the Aglaonema page the first time. That link changed color showing I'd visited. Not sure it makes any difference where you access a site, but not sure it doesn't either since it opens on a different page.

Texas Anon