Saturday, June 15, 2013

File under "better late than never:"

It's been some time since PATSP's "Rumble Among the Jungle," in which PATSP readers voted in a single-elimination tournament to determine the Best Houseplant of All Time. The winner, Schlumbergera cvv., was declared a year and a half ago, in November 2011. (The results of all matches are collected here, if anyone cares.)

At the time, I made the comment:

The husband suggested photoshopping a belt, tiara, or trophy -- or all three! -- into the picture, in honor of the win, but I'm afraid I'm not skilled enough to do that, so you'll have to imagine.

Thanks to a reader,1 we finally have that picture, and I've got to say it completely lives up to what I'd imagined (though is it just me, or does the belt make it look fat?):

So congratulations again to the Schlumbergeras.

I've occasionally thought about doing a second RATJ, but 1) Polldaddy seemed to forget that I had an account there shortly after the RATJ ended, which is irritating, and I haven't bothered to create a new account; 2) my memory of the first one is that it took a lot more time to run than you'd think; and 3) I'm not wholly convinced that Schlumbergera wouldn't just win again.2 So maybe it'll happen sometime. Everybody did seem to have a good time, and we've got a different group of voters now than we did back then, so it could still be surprising.

In any case, thanks for the Photoshop work: if nothing else, I think it's convinced me that tiara-and-a-belt is a good look, and now I want to see that combination on some prizefighters and beauty queens.


1 (I didn't know if you'd want to be credited for it by name or not, so I've erred on the side of privacy. But feel free to take credit in a comment, if you want to.)
2 (Though that could maybe be dealt with by making a rule that plants who'd won previously wouldn't be eligible to compete again.)


Aaron said...

Indeed looking at the picture, it is quite obvious why this beautiful plant won the coveted award.

Pat said...

Give us an S, give us a C, give us an H, errrm...