Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random plant event: Eucharis grandiflora

Finally it's gotten warm enough that this year's outdoor plants can all stay outside for a few consecutive days, which makes my life a bit easier. (It's also been very rough on me mentally -- it's just too weird to be hoping for the weather to be warmer.)

I'd put the younger Eucharis bulbs (the ones I bought two years ago) outside a while back, but then it got cold for several days, and I put all the plants back in their previous spots while we rode out the cool spell, and then for some reason I had neglected to move the Eucharises back out again when the weather improved. They were only out for a couple days, but apparently that short period of brighter light was all the encouragement one of the plants needed to decide to produce a bud.

The smell is as nice as I remember, though it's been a long wait. I didn't move the plant back outside until the flower was already well underway, but that doesn't seem to have hurt it: it's possible that it's lasting longer than the previous ones did.

I should probably note that the foliage behind the flower is not that of the Eucharis: that's this year's attempt to grow Salvia elegans. The two plants have apparently become friends or something. Which is good, since the Salvia was new and all.


orchideya said...

Beautiful. It reminds me my childhood since my mom grew them and was very excited when they bloomed. I think I even remember the smell...

Molly Day said...

That's a new one on me so I looked it up - a Peruvian amaryllis - though it looks sort of like a daffodil.
Gorgeous thing to have and pamper into bloom.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this go dormant like most bulbs?

Texas Anon

mr_subjunctive said...

Texas Anon:

It can, but it doesn't have to. My original plant has been growing without a dormant period since January 2009.

Paul said...