Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Giveaway results -- updated

I announced the book giveaway winner on Sunday, but it's been a few days and they haven't e-mailed to claim it, so I'm drawing again. The new winner is comment #2, Paul.

Paul: send an e-mail with your mailing address (I think I know which Paul you are anyway, but just to be sure), and I'll forward it to the relevant people so you can get your book.


Paul said...

Thank you, sir. Been away for a week so this was rather nice news to come back to.

If you are the type to hang on to addresses, you may indeed have mine already -- I sent you the Amorphophallus bulb (and what else I can't remember). Btw, how's it doing? One of mine has just broken ground. No sign in my other pot but that one did get planted a couple weeks later and we have had some atypical cool days thus far.

mr_subjunctive said...

The Amorphophallus is still alive, though I'd been getting worried about it: I potted it up in I think April, and then nothing happened until the first week of June. Seems like it was faster than that last year, but then it's been unusually cool here as well. I'd been worried that it had rotted or something.

I sent your e-mail and home addresses in; they may or may not contact you before mailing the book. If nothing happens within a reasonable amount of time, let me know and I can put you in direct touch with the relevant people.

Paul said...

Sounds good

Paul said...

Just wanted to let you know that the book has arrived. :)