Saturday, December 13, 2014

Schlumbergera seedling no. 055

By this point, I imagine some of you are approaching Schlumbergera saturation, if not already past it. How many more interchangeably orange flowers is he going to expect us to look at, you might be thinking.


I up-potted eight seedlings on 30 September,1 every one of which has now produced at least one bloom, which blooms you have already seen. Time from repotting to an open bloom ranged from 5 to 8 weeks.

On 29 October, I up-potted another four seedlings,2 two of which3 had started to produce buds within a month. So presumably there will be -- barring some kind of bud-drop disaster -- another two posts about those flowers, and maybe eventually four posts. Not sure.

Then on 23 November, I up-potted 24 seedlings.4 After a week,5 I've seen no buds on any of those yet, but I expect to see at least a few eventually.

So my best guess is, you'll see a couple more at some point this month, and then a new round could start popping up in early January. But there'll be a number of days without Schlumbergera photos soon.

As far as seedling 055 specifically is concerned, not a lot to say. It's fine. Orange. Shape could maybe be better, but we'll see. TinEye gave me lots of photos of autumn leaf piles and a surprising number of pumpkins. I hesitate to name a leafless plant "Leaf Pile,"6 so no. 055 is hereby called "Pumpkin Festival."

Might have a new Anthurium bloom or two for you to look at shortly, by the way. Don't get excited: it's not that great. But still, how long's it been, right?


1 Those being:
022 "Sad Tomato"
024 "Bryce Canyon" / "Safety Vest"
026 "Brick Wall"
054 "Helpful Gesture"
055 "Pumpkin Festival"
057 "Pyrotechnic"
060 "Wet Dog"
064 "Rose Hoses"
2 (Numbers 021, 079, 083, and 099)
3 (021 and 083)
4 (I am writing this on 30 November.)
5 (008, 010, 012, 019, 023, 027, 028, 030, 031, 033, 034, 056, 061, 066, 073, 078, 084, 088, 091, 103, 104, 107, 111, 112 -- of these, 008 "Frightened Dog," 012, and 088 have all bloomed or attempted to bloom in the past, and 012 was even pretty when it did so.)
6 The "leaves" on Schlumbergera are in fact flattened, segmented stems.


Jean Campbell said...

It was a fun series and I look forward to the next round.

Ginny Burton said...

I will never tire of your schlumbergera pictures! Bring 'em on!

lenni said...

Such a georgous orange blooms. It's just worth it waiting for their blooms.