Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Schlumbergera seedling no. 060

I have been really surprised at the number of seedlings with severely reflexed petals. I mean, none of the varieties I started out with have unattractively reflexed petals, obviously, but numbers 007, 008 ("Frightened Dog"), 011, 013, and now 060 have all been very odd-looking. Going with "Wet Dog" for the name on this one, 'cause that's what it looks like to me.


Paul said...

No, definitely not an attractive one there.

Ginny Burton said...

How long was it from the time you pollinated one plant until you saw fruits form?

mr_subjunctive said...

Ginny Burton:

It's sort of a continual process; part of the flower that normally falls off just doesn't fall off. If you're looking for it, you should be able to tell within about 3 weeks.

Jean Campbell said...

Compulsive that I am, I am going to save seed as you advised last year and try for seedlings. I see pods forming on the first to bloom.

If I get dogs I will name them for my pets gone on.