Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anthurium no. 0565 "Myster E"

Myster E didn't photograph terribly well, but that's okay: you're not missing much. Just one more in a very long line of LPAs (Little Pink Anthuriums).

He doesn't have a lot going for him. The foliage is pretty crappy.

Some of that could be drought stress. I've had other seedlings do this sort of thing when younger and then grow out of it later on.

The only interesting thing is that Myster E, like several other seedlings, likes to flip his spathe back as the inflorescence develops.

Unlike most of the others, on him I think it actually kind of works. Or at least it was working at the time the above photo was taken; he got a little carried away later. Even then, though, the spathe was at least folded back in a more or less symmetrical manner, and was strong enough not to tear itself in the process. Which is something. I guess. Kinda.

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