Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pretty picture: Bulbophyllum mastersianum

Well, this is different.

Definitely prettier than previous Bulbophyllums have been. (I suppose one could argue that B. echinolabium is prettier, though I think I prefer B. mastersianum.)

Not sure if it means anything, but I saw more Bulbophyllums at the 2015 orchid show than ever before (three, compared to a mere five total over the previous five years) -- are they having a moment? Did the genus just become cool or something?


Paul said...

"are they having a moment? Did the genus just become cool or something?"

Sometimes it is just a matter of luck -- whether or not the plant deigns to flower at showtime.

Aaron said...

Great to see this species posted here. I've always been drawn to the more unusual orchids like Bulbophyllum; genera like Vanda or Cattleya don't really do it for me (and they're many of them too large for me to keep anyways). Do you keep any of these yourself?

Bulbophyllum's also the largest genus in the whole family, if I recall, and it seems there hasn't been much hybridization and most of the plants available are species; there is a ton of natural variety already in the genus, which to me is one of the appeals.

mr_subjunctive said...


No, I don't have any Bulbophyllum. I barely have any orchids. (At this point, one each of Phalaenopsis, Brassolaeliocattleya, Neofinetia, and Dendrobium.)