Saturday, April 4, 2015

Anthuriums no. 0257 and 0264

Anthurium seedling 0257 has probably the truest and most relevant name of all the seedlings: Summer Bederth-Enuthers.

Summer herself is not among the cream of the crop: goodness knows I have plenty of red / yellow seedlings to choose from, and she hasn't especially distinguished herself. Though there's nothing wrong with her either.1 Leaves are unremarkable.

Seedling 0264 "Trey Lerpark" is along the same lines, except with a white spadix.

Trey's main distinguishing characteristic at this point is his stubborn refusal to completely unfurl his spathe. Maybe he's slow, maybe he's just genetically mandated to keep his spathe curved. I'd actually be fine with the latter, since the usual alternative to spathes staying concave is for them to flip backward and turn convex, which is stupid-looking. We'll see. In any case, he's also not particularly special either, for good or ill. Leaves are pretty typical.

The only thing that comes to mind is that I don't recall ever seeing any thrips, not that I have perfect recall of every time I've seen thrips.

I have the first orchid photo from 2015 scheduled for 6 April, and then I'll start showing you some Anthurium seedlings that actually are notable and cool. Or at least one seedling is (depending on how you feel about 0132 "Eve Stropper"). And maybe the "cool" one isn't actually cool, just notable. Though you might think it was cool: I don't know what you consider cool. The point is, it's not all going to be the same red and pink, red and pink, over and over again forever. I promise.


1 Or, well, one thing -- I may have seen a thrips once or twice. She doesn't seem to be inordinately bothered by thrips, unlike some of my seedlings (both 0046 "Aurora Boreanaz" and 0108 "Deena Sequins" are awful about this), but it's something of a character flaw to have any thrips.

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