Thursday, April 2, 2015

Anthuriums no. 0041, 0220, 0237, 0344


Actually things aren't quite that bad; I'm throwing these four pinks together in a single post because I don't have much to say about any of them individually, and because this gets them all out of the way so we can talk about some marginally more interesting seedlings later. And for the record: I actually like pink just fine: I'm objecting to the repetition, not the color itself.

Seedling no. 0041 "Anna Graham"

Anna produced a first bud a long time ago, which was tiny and pale but unmistakeably pink, just like this one. I wasn't especially impressed the first time -- it was different, sure, but also tiny, and the color was a little too washed-out to be very interesting. I'm more into it now: the plant has grown quite a bit, the new foliage is pretty nice, and although the flowers are small, I have to admit that they do stand out pretty well against the rest of the plant. So Anna got the last available promotion to 6-inch; if I want to up-pot any more seedlings, I'm going to have to clear off another shelf.

Seedling no. 0220 "Nora Morse"

Nora and #0219 "Rhoda Horse" both started buds at the same time, but Rhoda chickened out, or something. Rhoda's bud was sort of kinked, like the most recent one from #0275 "Yvette Horizon," which may or may not be related. The only thing that's especially interesting about Nora is that she's a slightly different shade of pink, which leans ever so slightly to orange. Still really pink, though, obviously.

Seedling no. 0237 "Roxy Casbah"

Roxy started a bud last year and aborted during the summer, so it's mildly gratifying to see her trying again this year. That said, the color is exactly what I imagine when I'm talking about the pink / pinks, and we've seen it plenty of times. Also my brain tells me that any variation on the name "Roxanne" needs to have a red bloom,1 so it's difficult for me to remember which one Roxy is.2

Seedling no. 0344 "Formica Dinette"

Formica leans slightly toward the highlighter-pink color of #0275 "Yvette Horizon," but without the distorted spathe. So . . . um . . . good for her, I guess. Could be worse.


1 ♪Roxaaaaaaaaaaaane -- you don't have to put on the red spathe, those days are over, grab a loofah, get in the bathtub, and bathe♫ (There are very very few English rhymes for "spathe," it turns out. Pretty much limited to "scathe," "bathe," and "lathe," as far as words anybody else would know the meaning of.)
2 Fortunately, 0236 "Roxanne DeBree" looks like she's going to be red. No indication either way from 0050 "Roxxxy Andrews," but Roxxxy's so old that I figure if she were going to bloom, she would have done so by now, so maybe it doesn't matter.

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