Friday, August 28, 2015

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum (Adam Hausermann x Winston Churchill)

See that orange-brown spot on the lip, just to the right of center? I bet orchid show entrants hate it when their plants do something like that right before a show. I mean, it's plenty irritating to me to find thrips marks on an otherwise pristine Anthurium, and there is nothing at stake there. I show them to you, and you might have feelings about my Anthurium seedlings and their flaws, but you're not literally judging me on them.1

I like the bloom anyway. The spot doesn't ruin anything for me. Just imagining what it must be like to see a bud get bigger and bigger and start to open and then, boom -- a spot, in the most obvious possible place.

Anyway. We haven't encountered this particular cross before, but there are a couple related orchids from past years: both its parent, Paph. Winston Churchill, and its half-sibling, Paph. Cheryl Ann Boyd, showed up in the 2012 show. (Paph. Winston Churchill) (Paph. Cheryl Ann Boyd)

Paphiopedilum Adam Hausermann = Telesis x Gigi (Ref.)
Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill = Eridge x Hampden (Ref.)

The family tree doubtless goes several layers deeper than that, but that's more than most of you wanted to know already.


1 Or maybe you are, in which case: how am I doing? Have I won yet?

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