Sunday, January 3, 2016

Schlumbergera seedling no. 100

This one's going to be sort of an abbreviated post, both because I knew right away what the name was going to be, and because I only managed to get one usable photo of it.1

After eleven pages of TinEye results, I'd only managed to get 22 name ideas. I suppose I could have kept going in hopes of finding something even better, but there was a photo of a different Schlumbergera bloom on the very first page of the TinEye results, and I've been wanting to name a seedling Circular Reference since I thought of it last year. The other name options were mostly unusable anyway.2


1 Actually two usable photos, but the second one was more or less identical to the first even though it was taken on a different day. Sometimes a bloom will be positioned so that there's really only one photo possible, and I think 100A only produced a single bloom this fall. So.
2 All 22:
Circular ReferenceInner PeaceSalton SeaPowerladyDoll FurnitureBossanovaHeiressPollen MachineBall of FireShining StarBearded LadyKilkennyShortbreadMahimahiGalleonCheerleaderSpanish ApartmentFluffy LumberJupiter or Jupiter TabbyNightcapBlushing BrideSaltwater Taffy
Under normal circumstances, I would definitely also have considered Powerlady and Saltwater Taffy, and possibly also Bossanova, Heiress, Bearded Lady, Cheerleader, and Jupiter, depending on my mood at the time. Saltwater Taffy would, I think, have been the favorite to win. I like saltwater taffy. A lot, actually.

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